$750,000 Planned For Various Uses In Rosemont Parks


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The Rosemont Park District board approved issuing $750,000 in general obligation limited tax park bonds, during its April 11 meeting.

Attorney William Payne said the scope of the projects to which funds from the bonds may be used will include payment for lands which may be acquired, buildings or maintaining and improving park properties or facilities.
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Board President Rick Drehobl read a list of projects under consideration, to which the bond funds may be applied. At Lange Park the board is working toward completion of its paver brick installation, roofing repairs and expanding garage space.

The board is also considering Lange projects ranging from outdoor landscaping to possible elevator installation.

In separate discussion, Payne said the draft budget for the 2017-18 fiscal year should be discussed at the May board meeting, for a public hearing in June and adoption in July.

Park Director Karen Stephens said she had been getting preliminary prices for replacement of a dead tree near the Lange Park playlot. The previous tree was a Kentucky coffee tree, and theory was to replace it with the same breed.

One bid was for over $2,200 and board members asked to see what other prices are available from different vendors. Action was tabled till that information is available.

Drehobl said he wants to improve the look of the landscaping around Lange Park. He had talked ideas with several companies.

He is hoping to install some perennial flower bids around the park, so plants return each year without having to be replaced. He suggested using some small boulders to give variety and buffer zones in the beds.

A tentative budget was set for $9,000 and not to exceed $9,500.

Stephens said that a change in technology at AT&T has disconnected the controls for remotely turning on or off the baseball field lights at Lange Park, after updating its network.

For the moment, that has meant going outside to manually turn on the lights. She has found a company with its own remote control system.

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