Ricardo Arjona

October 2017
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Ricardo Arjona

Sunday, October 08, 2017

8:00 PM


Circo Soledad, ARJONA’s self-proclaimed best album of his life, is a journey through the sounds, lyrics, and stories. The production was handled by English producers and sound engineer Michael Brauer, who has worked with the likes of the Rolling Stones, Coldplay, John Mayer, and many others. He recorded in places like England, New York, and Nashville, as well as in Latin American countries like Guatemala and Colombia.

“I never recorded in any place with the intention of making that place the protagonist. If this production took me to many countries, producers, studios, and to some of the most important musicians in the world, it was simply out of the pure necessity of having to give that touch of color to each song that I felt was the best and most fitting for it. The Latin American musicians that had never been given an opportunity to participate in an album of these characteristics also played at that high standard.”

CIRCO SOLEDAD is, besides the name of the album, the name of a song that sums it all up. It is in this song that he makes an analogy of the circus characters and the characters of the political world, of television, and of life, leaving no one behind.

Parking is available close to all entrances of the Allstate Arena. Parking fee ranges from $15-$20 (Cash Only).
Buses and limos are extra. Parking is open two hours prior to event. No tailgating is permitted.

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