Letter From the Mayor



Half a dozen earth movers revved up their engines late last week. A short distance to the south, along Interstate 294, the same type of equipment has been doing its thing for the last few months.

By May of 2018, two prime areas of our village west of the tollway, separated only by four-lane Balmoral Avenue, will become home to major developments. Their openings will continue the non-stop evolution of Rosemont as one of America’s most progressive communities. And then will join the ranks of MB Financial Park at Rosemont, the Dome and Ballpark at Rosemont, Fashion Outlets Chicago indoor shopping mall, and much, much more that collectively have brought nearly half a billion dollars of redevelopment and thousands of new jobs to our community and thousands within the last decade. Are we proud?Absolutely!

These latest plans will result in the construction of a new 6,300-seat outdoor minor league baseball stadium on currently vacant land north of Balmoral. In addition, a new parking garage will be constructed to accommodate people attending games and other year-round events at the new arena.

South of Balmoral, site preparation is now in full swing to pave the way for The Pearl, a development that will, when completed, consist of a 163-room boutique hotel named The Rose, a 40,000 sq. ft. Dave & Buster’s restaurant/entertainment center, possibly one other restaurant, and a parking garage.

For several years, the village has been working hard to assemble all of this acreage that’s led us to this point. While these efforts represent two distinctly separate visions, the fact that they are being built and will open at about the same time really makes them one mega-project and part of an overall a long-term vision of promoting excitement and excellence in Rosemont.

These stunning new developments are a continuation of work that began decades ago under the direction of my father and the late Mayor Don Stephens. It all started with the development of our convention center in the 1970s and Allstate Arena in 1980 followed by the Rosemont Theatre and the acquisition of property where our entertainment district and the outlet mall currently thrive. Also, we cannot forget other major milestones such as the building of the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons building at River and Higgins roads, Muvico Theater, and new and improved hotels such as the Loews on River Road south of Balmoral.

As the landscape changes for the better within Rosemont’s borders, our quest for unabated excellence continues.

After the opening of The Pearl and the baseball stadium, there’ll be more challenges to conquer. And we’ll be ready to meet them.

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