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Jefferson Starship

Friday, September 01, 2017

7:00 PM

Friday Night Concerts Presented by Jack Daniel’s

Join us at 7:00 pm for live music by Jefferson Starship with opening band Kaleidoscope Eyes


About Jefferson Starship:
Jefferson Starship rose from the ashes of another legendary San Francisco band, Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame Inductees, Jefferson Airplane.

Founder Paul Kantner (who died in January of 2016 at age 74) knew that combining powerful
creative forces, personalities and talents could create something far greater than the sum of its

Between 1974 and 1984, Jefferson Starship released eight gold and platinum selling albums,
twenty hit singles, sold out concerts worldwide and lived out legendary rock and roll escapades.
"Jefferson Starship was my creation...and it has this nice fluidity about it that allows any number
of people to come in and do things with whatever Jefferson Starship is." - Paul Kantner
Today's Jefferson Starship remains dedicated to breathing new life into the living catalog of the
Jeffersonian legacy, going to the edge, pushing the sonic boundaries and staying true to the
original spirit of the music.

Featuring original and historic members David Freiberg (also a founder of San Francisco
luminaries Quicksilver Messenger Service) and drummer Donny Baldwin, along with longtime
members Chris Smith on keyboards and synth bass, Jude Gold on lead guitar and GRAMMY
Nominee Cathy Richardson anchoring the female lead vocal spot made famous by the inimitable
Grace Slick. Richardson was invited by Ms. Slick to sing in her place when Jefferson Airplane
accepts their Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2016 GRAMMY Merit Awards Concert and
Telecast in April.

The band keeps a hectic touring schedule bolstered by several television recent appearances including My Music: 60s Pop, Rock and Soul on PBS and live with the Contemporary Youth
Orchestra on AXS Network. The Freiberg-penned 1979 hit Jane is the theme song for the Netflix Original Series Wet, Hot American Summer. In 2014-15, the band played a series of free concerts for America's Veterans and was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the US Department of Defense. Jefferson Starship has traveled the world playing in 20 countries across the globe in the last 3 years alone.

The music that defined a generation and spanned decades is alive and well and more relevant
than ever in pop culture- songs such as Volunteers, White Rabbit, Wooden Ships, Somebody to
Love, Today, Miracles, Count on Me, Fast Buck Freddie, Jane and Find Your Way Back
continue to reverberate throughout the collective consciousness today.

(No fireworks on Friday nights) 


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