A Sister City For Rosemont?


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Dominating the terrain that makes up the community of Ecuandureo, Mexico, in the state of Michoacan is the twin-spired Parish of the Lord of Peace.

At sunset, the illumination of the Baroque-style church can be seen for miles around in the hilly region of south central Mexico.

Last week, State Senator Martin Sandoval (D-11th) attended the Village of Rosemont’s April board meeting to show his support of our decision to move forward with designating Ecuandureo Rosemont’s Sister City.

Senator Sandoval recently approached Rosemont to consider joining with Ecuandureo in naming each other a Sister City. His ties to the community of 12,855 are strong. And so is Rosemont’s. Many of Sandoval’s family live in Ecuandureo and he and his wife, Marina, were married there.

Today, many residents and families of Rosemont who reside north of the Allstate Arena in the vicinity of the Barry Recreation Center, are natives of Ecuandureo. A Sister City connection would benefit both communities by opening wide the lines of communication and culture that can have nothing but positive effects. For years, many of Chicago’s suburbs as well as the City of Chicago have had Sister City relationships. Rosemont will soon join those ranks.

In the future, a delegation from Rosemont will likely visit our “sister” whose history with the Western world dates back to 1562. We may also offer to its people some of our equipment that we no longer use, but which can be of benefit to them.

We also hope to one day welcome, with open arms, representatives of Ecuandureo to Rosemont to show them our way of life and to renew their close relationships of those who have moved here from their hometown.

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