All Rosemont Community Garden Plots Spoken For


By: Diane Turner-Hurns
Journal & Topics Reporter

Rosemont Park District officials said last week all 71 community garden plots behind the Rosemont Recreation Center, 7128 Barry Street have been assigned.

And, despite cool weather in April and May, crops are starting to grow.

Park officials said the weather kept many gardeners from planting. Once spring weather warmed up in May, park officials said local gardeners began tilling the soil and adding seeds and plants.

Only Rosemont residents can register for a free garden plot. Registration usually takes place in March. The plots are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. This is the fourth season for the garden.

Each gardener is assigned a 4-ft. by 4-ft. space and provided water, soil and tools throughout the season. Over 90% of the plantings grown each year are vegetables, including peppers, onions, corn, squash, cabbage and cucumbers.

The fenced-in garden is next to the children's playground.

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