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Budweiser Brew House Offers Event-Goers A Break From The Action

Now open at the south end of Allstate Arena's first floor, the new Budweiser Brew House offers arena visitors easy access to parking lots and events.

Wood flooring, mirrors, tables, and several TVs adorn the lounge. Patrons can watch sports and other entertainment on the screens, buy drinks from a full bar and view a colorful Budweiser display alongside a history and photos of Allstate Arena.

However, unlike the arena’s Jack Daniels Club Lounge located on the upper level where patrons can view arena events as they occur, Budweiser Brew House customers cannot view arena events from the new venue.
It took workers nearly 11 months to design and construct the bar. The only thing missing at this time is food service, but snacks may be available, officials note.
The lounge is open an hour before and after events. After events, a wall comes down in the hallway closing off the entrance to the arena seating, but allows full access to the arena parking lots.
“We think the new lounge is great and offers another place for our guests to go and hang out with their friends,” Allstate Arena Director of Marketing Phil Chihoski told the Journal & Topics last week while providing a tour of the new lounge.

On tap are a variety of Budweiser and craft beers along with non-alcoholic drinks. Budweiser is known as a “macrobrew company” producing thousands of barrels of beer a year compared to a microbrew which produces beer on a smaller scale. Chicago-area’s Goose Island brand, which Anheuser-Busch Inbev recently purchased, will also be offered.
The Anheuser-Busch Inbev company, Budweiser’s parent company, is based in Leuven, Belgium. One of its largest and main breweries remains in St. Louis.

The new brew house was built in a former storage area. Both new venues generate additional tax revenue for the village.
Chihoski said there are no plans as of yet to turn two remaining vacant storage rooms into lounge areas.

In November 2014, Rosemont entered into a $2.5 million, five-year agreement with Anheuser-Busch for advertising at village-owned venues including Allstate Arena, Rosemont Theater, Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, MB Financial Park, and the Ballpark at Rosemont. As part of the agreement, the village agreed to renovate the lounge space for Budweiser for no more than $150,000. Budweiser paid the rest, officials said.
Special events can also be held in the new lounge, according to Chihoski.


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