Viva Latino Live

August 2018
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Viva Latino Live

Thursday, August 23, 2018

8:00 PM


The Latin music takeover didn’t start with “Despacito” and it won’t end with it either. A surge of interest in Latin music lead to the launch of our 2014 ¡Viva Latino! playlist. Four years later, we’re taking ¡Viva Latino! to the next level: Live.

“¡Viva Latino! Live” turns the playlist into a show-stopping live concert series featuring the hottest artists making a name for Latin music across the globe. Spotify teamed up with Cárdenas Marketing Network (CMN), a US-based multicultural event marketing agency, to elevate the stories and voices behind the playlist and bring them to life on stage.
“Since launching our ¡Viva Latino! playlist in 2014, we’ve witnessed the Latin music culture grow beyond even our wildest hopes and expectations,” says Rocio Guerrero, Head of Global Cultures, Shows & Editorial at Spotify. “The decision to take this playlist on the road is a true testament to the impact Latin music is having around the world right now. This is a really exciting moment for Spotify and Latin music fans everywhere—and we can’t wait to have some fun.”

Parking is available close to all entrances of the Allstate Arena. Parking fee ranges from $15-$25 (Cash Only).
Buses and limos are extra. Parking is open two hours prior to event. No tailgating is permitted.

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