Grassy Area Near Rosemont's Allstate Arena To Become Parking Lot

February 20, 2015 11:25 AM
By TODD WESSELL Journal & Topics Editor
A large grassy area north of Allstate Arena in Rosemont will soon become become a parking lot and gates will be installed to prevent motorists from using the area as a cut-through between Mannheim Road, Lee Street and Touhy Avenue.
Rosemont Village Board members today (Wednesday) are expected to approve a proposal by Orange Crush, LLC to create a paved lot that will serve people attending events at Allstate Arena. Currently, the property is a vacant lot that has been seeded with grass.
The cost of the proposed project is $1,455,510.
According to Mayor Brad Stephens, plans to thwart traffic from taking a shortcut in the area of the new lot along Lunt Avenue will also be implemented. For years, vehicles have driven west on Lunt from Mannheim Road to gain access to Touhy Avenue by traveling through the densely-populated apartment neighborhood. In addition, some vehicles also find a shortcut to Mannheim and Touhy from Lee Street at I-90. Gates will be installed to prevent this from happening, said the mayor. Lunt Avenue runs parallel to the arena west of Mannheim.
Trustees today are also expected to approve a plan to reconstruct a portion of Lyndon Avenue north of the arena. Orange Crush will be paid $354,165 to perform the work.

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