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Stirring Things Up At Allstate Arena

Construction Continues On Budweiser Lounge In Former Storage Space.


Marco Antonio Solis & Camila

Marco Antonio Solis & Camila at the Allstate Arena on July 25, 2015


Imagine Dragons at the Allstate Arena

Imagine Dragons offered something for everyone Monday at a packed Allstate Arena.


Judas Priest looks back on eve of Rosemont Theatre show

Heavy metal and hard rock have forged a deep relationship over the course of the past 35 years with the village of Rosemont. The then-named Rosemont Horizon opened in 1980, just as metal as a genre was coming of age in large part because of the growing popularity of music videos following MTV's 1981 launch.


We Day: Allstate Arena Hosts Star-Studded Volunteerism Event

In one day, 15,000 socially conscious teenagers saw more celebrities than most adults four times their age are likely to have seen in their lives.


#1 Arena In The Country

Rosemont’s Allstate Arena was ranked as one of the top stadiums in the world by U.S. industry publication Pollstar.

Results: 61 Articles found.
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