Carmine's Porte-Cochère Awning


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Lauren Barry 

Carmine’s restaurant is set to open early next month with a new porte-cochère awning feature hanging over its front driveway in Rosemont’s new Pearl district.

Rosemont Mayor Brad Stephens said the porte-cochère will look similar to one currently up at the neighboring Truluck’s Crab & Steakhouse. It will cost about $200,000 to install.

“It just didn’t look right,” said Stephens of the building without the awning, which he suggested, adding the new feature “makes sense.”

In addition to providing aesthetic continuity to the Pearl Street subdivision, the new feature is also intended to provide coverage for restaurant patrons during inclement weather.

To help offset the installation cost, the Rosemont Village Board recently approved an agreement with Carmine’s to delay payment to the village of annual maintenance fees for upkeep of common areas in the subdivision. Stephens said Carmine’s won’t have to pay for three years, a deferral of approximately $150,000.

Following Carmine’s grand opening, Truluck’s is expected to open in September or October. The Rose boutique hotel will open shortly after, said the mayor.

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