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Village Tax Deferral Letter

In an effort to provide some assistance to our hotel and restaurant businesses, the Village is, incertain circumstances, willing to temporarily defer the collection of its locally imposed Hotel, Gross Receipts, Parking, and Amusement Taxes.


Welcome to Rosemont!

Looking to operate a Business in Rosemont, Illinois?

Anyone operating a business in Rosemont will need to apply for and be issued a business license. A general business license application can be found if you click here. You may also request an application in person by visiting Village Hall at 9501 W. Devon Avenue, Rosemont, IL. 

Building and Plan ReviewPano_6
Whether you are starting a new business or expanding or remodeling an existing business, you must obtain a building permit at the Building Department which is located at Village Hall.

Building permit applications and building contractors licenses can be obtained at the Village Hall or can be downloaded (see links to the right). The Village of Rosemont uses B.O.C.A. building codes and N.F.P.A. Life Safety codes.

For questions about building permits and license fees, please call the building department at 847-823-1159 or 847-825-4404. Payment for the license application or building permit fee can be made either by mail or in person.

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