Electric Supplier Option

**New Electric Supplier Option for Rosemont Residents**

Most residents of the Village of Rosemont currently receive alternative electric supply as a result of the Opt-Out Municipal Energy Aggregation program.  No action is required at this time -  If you do nothing, you will continue to billed at the rate of $0.07189 / kWh through May 2017.  However, this program does afford residents the ability to switch to another supplier without penalty.

As part of our continued efforts to provide competitive pricing to our residents, we routinely canvass the market for lower-price alternatives.  As a result, the Village of Rosemont has partnered with Alternative Utility Services, Inc. to provide its residents with an alternative to the current municipal aggregation price of $0.07189 / kWh through Constellation New Energy.

$0.0679 / kWh with MC Squared Energy through May 2017

There are no fees to switch and you are still able cancel your new service at any time with no penalty.  Click here and follow the prompts to get signed up and start saving.  

*If you are a resident that uses electric to heat, contact for a special link at an even lower price.  If you see a provider name other than Constellation on your most recent ComEd bill, you may be subject to penalties if you switch before your contract is over.  Make sure to check with your current supplier to see if there is any exit fees.

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