Information Regarding Your 2019 Real Estate Tax Bill


Information Regarding Your 2019 Real Estate Tax Bill
You will receive your 2019 final installment tax bill in the mail this
week. For many, the bill will be a tax increase from your 2018 bill.
Remember Cook County collects our 2019 taxes a year later in 2020
Your payment is due by August 3rd, but if you pay by October 1st there will
be no interest or penalties added to the tax amount. 
After October 1st, your taxes are subject to interests and penalties and your property
could be 
sold at the tax sale. For this reason it is important to pay prior to October 1st.
At this time you can't appeal your assessment. You can only review the
bill for correctness and then pay the amount owed. Correctness means did
you get the proper exemptions and is your bill reflective of your fair share of taxes.
The first thing you should do is check to ensure your entitled exemptions
are properly credited to you. Exemptions are at the bottom left part of
the second installment tax bill.
The key exemptions are:
1.  Homeowner: you own the property and live there
2.  Senior Homeowner: you own the property, live there and one of the 
     owners is 65 years or older
3.  Senior Freeze: you own the property, live there, one of the owners
     was born in 1954 or before, your 2018 household income was $65,000 or less
     and you have filed a verified Senior Freeze application
Options to Correct Tax Bill
If any of these exemptions are missing or if you see another error on your
tax bill, please call 312-443-5100 to get help with your bill.
Payment Options
Once you are satisfied that your exemptions are correct, you can safely
pay your bill to the Cook County Treasurer in one of the following ways:
1. Mail a check to Cook County Treasurer, PO Box 805436, Chicago, IL 60680
2. Pay online at
3. Pay at any Chase Bank location

Understanding Your Tax Bill Video 
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