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Rosemont competitors Derek Rees, Luis Aguinaga, and Jose Hernandez, made it through 36 obstacles in record time to place in the top of their divisions besting hundreds of competitors at Saturday’s, Aug. 30 grueling second annual Badass Dash at the Ballpark in Rosemont.

Rees placed first in the recreational division with a time of 31:11; Aguinaga placed second in the recreational division with a time of 38:15; and Hernandez was third in the elite division with a time of 48:48.

At the race, organizers said they agree with reports that obstacle course races are one of the fastest growing sports in the country. This year, there were 2,500 entrants in the Rosemont race compared with 2,000 last year. A new K-9 race was added this year.

“We have definitely seen a major increase in the number of participants at our races even in just one year, especially the one here today,” Badass Dash spokesman Brian King said Saturday. “We far surpassed the number of entries we had last year and expect even more next year in Rosemont.” The race benefits Autism Speaks.

Three large obstacle races held in the U.S. known as the Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and the Warrior Dash have seen their attendance rates surpass some marathon and triathlon numbers it was reported recently.

In Rosemont Saturday traffic was backed up as hundreds began the 4.4-mile race at the Ballpark at Rosemont with the route taking them through many obstacles along Jennie Finch Way, across Balmoral Avenue back to the Dome and finishing at the Ballpark.

According to Badass Dash officials, K-9 race finishers from Rosemont were: Christine Quiroz, placing 13th with a time of  47:57; Kimberly Kirkolis, 23, 56:29; Caroline Schwartz, 25, 56:54; Chantelle Porter, 27, 1:00; Jessica Proano, 28, 1:02; Johnny Proano, 29, 1:02; and, Danielle Barzano, 32, 1:05.

Organizers said the top 10 elite division finishers from Rosemont were: Jose Hernandez placing third with a time of 48:28; Jason Fitzenreider, 7th, 50:16; Elin Hernandez, 13th, 51:04; Brittney Peters, 17th, 53:42; Rocio Henciek 23d, 56:43; Rumbi Hilborn, 32d, 1:00:48; Amy Delgado, 34th, 1:01; Mario Napolitano, 35th, 1:01; Dan Berg, 39th, 1:02; and, Anthony Laporte, 40th, 1:02. 

Three Des Plaines elite runners who competed were: Armando Zires, 66th, 1:10; Nathan Drew, 94th, 1:17; and Marco Mayers-Perez, 196th, 2:11.

The top 10 Rosemont recreational finishers were: Derek Rees, 1st, 31:11; Luis Aguinaga, 2d, 38:15; Brian Verbus, 7th, 54:55; Justin McCown, 11, 56:43; Cody Ksioszk, 15th, 58:50; Michael Fenwick, 16th, 59:37; Cuyler Jenkins, 28th, 1:02; Steve Emricson, 33d, 1:04; Christopher Szarek, 39th, 1:04; and, Carlos Hernandez, 41st, 1:04.

The top 10 Des Plaines recreational runners were: Michael Dahl, 95th, 1:10; Jeff Rozovics, 120th, 1:13; Kevin Mendoza, 227th, 1:21; Martin Mendoza, 239th, 1:22; Monica Iwanicki, 374th, 1:29; John Knecht, 522d, 1:36; Dan Ziolkowski, 523d, 1:36; RoseTejeda, 655th, 1:41; Shaina Yalda, 671st, 1:42; and, Brittany Begrowicz, 672th, 1:42.

The races began in waves at 8 a.m. with the elite competitors going first followed by the recreational entrants. The children’s and K-9 races ran in the afternoon.

“This course was great, it was the best ever,” brothers Donald and Billy Carroll of Sandwich, IL, said. “We have competed in many obstacle races and this one was the best.”

The winner of the K-9 division was 6-½ year-old Piper of Traverse City, MI, who competed with his owner Brian Edwards.

Piper chases birds at the Traverse City airport.

“He works with me at the airport and that’s his job. That’s how he practices for the races,” Edwards said as he calmed an excited Piper before the race.

Zach Baker won the elite race with a time of 46:47.

Rosemont’s event is the largest of the 11 Badass Dash races held throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Race obstacles include a tire run, wall climbing, water walls, a hay bale hike, jumping hurdles, a cargo climb, running stairs, the chain link challenge, a maze, the mud mayhem, and the chain link challenge.

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