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International Interest In Village Grows

A pattern seems to be de-veloping that business and government groups from other countries visiting the United States have Rosemont first on their list.

About a month ago, a con-tingent of 25 governmental representatives from the Peoples Republic of China spent part of a day in Rosemont visiting the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, the Dome at Rosemont and other major venues. The reason for their visit was to learn how Rosemont, a town with a population of 4,200, has been able to develop over the years to include a 19,000-seat indoor arena, a world-class theater and most recently a 530,000 sq. ft. outlet mall. After Rosemont, the group visited other major cities throughout the U.S.

On Saturday, Sept. 7, a group of tourism officials from the United Kingdom arrived in Rosemont for a two-day visit to also learn how the village has prospered and to visit its major spots.
“They were here for two days and then went to Chicago,” said Bill Anderson, general manager of the Rosemont Convention and Tourism Bureau. “They’re interested in bringing people to Rosemont and believe we have a lot to offer. They loved it here.” Anderson said he guided the group around Rosemont and joined them for dinner at the outlet mall. After that, they were on their own to shop and visit other sites.

In a few weeks, a group from Germany will visit Rosemont for the same purpose as the others.
“I’ll think we’ll vist Hofbrauhaus,” said Anderson referring to the German beer hall located in the village’s entertainment district.

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