Anime Preparation


Thousands of fans will descend on Rosemont, Friday through Sunday, May 15-17, to attend the 17th annual Anime Central convention at the Stephens Convention Center.

The event, convention organizers say, is dedicated to the appreciation, recognition, and enjoyment of Japanese animation and culture, It will feature gaming, cinema, Asian culture personalities, concerts, educational panels, workshops, video production and more.

The show draws presenters and attendees from around the world.

Anime, created as animated television shows and films, are inspired by volumes of manga, a particular style of Japanese illustrated novel, often featuring teen characters or science fiction themes. Several generations of fans visit the convention each year.

“This is a big event,” Rosemont Public Safety Commander Greg Nazuka told the Journal & Topics. “Thousands of young people come to this event every year and have a great time. We want to make sure they have a safe experience. We’ll be adding additional traffic officers who will be strategically placed to enhance safety.

“During this convention, motorists and those in Rosemont should be aware of a high number of pedestrians walking throughout the village to the convention center and to other entertainment areas,” Nazuka said. “These are good kids and many of them will be wearing costumes. We have been doing this for many years and want to make sure everyone stays safe.”

The event will also include an exhibit hall and an artists’ “alley.” Event officials are expecting more than 5,000 people from the convention to attend a dance featuring DJs Saturday.

Additionally, the Japanese all-girl rock band SCANDAL will appear at Anime Central Friday, at the Rosemont Theatre and are expected to make additional appearances throughout the convention. Some of their songs are featured in programs such as “Bleach,” “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood,” “Star Driver,” and “Pokemon,” among others.


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