Constant Improvements A Team Effort At Convention Center



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As Donald E. Stephens Convention Center Executive Director Christopher Stephens walked through one of the ballrooms at the Rosemont convention center, he asked the gentleman cleaning the area, “What do you think about this carpet? Should we get new carpet?”

Stephens said it takes a team effort to decide on and implement changes at the convention center on River Road. Throughout the past 10 years and into the future, the convention center team strives to improve and modernize the facility that welcomes more than a million guests annually.

“Everyone is responsible for the success of the facility,” Stephens said.

New charcoal grays, reds and subdued blues harmoniously coexist around the venue and connect the interior and exterior color schemes. Other changes entering the new year include the introduction of LED lights around the venue, the redesign of concession stands and the remodeling of bathrooms.

One of the most recent changes at the convention center, Stephens said, is the new carpet in the lobby of the convention center. He said it was time for the terrazzo floor to go, and carpet was a natural choice to reduce noise and “soften” the entrance hall.

“We are constantly thinking about new things and new ways to do business,” Stephens said. “We are constantly trying to raise the bar.”

Events, conventions and conferences keep the venue booked, so time is a big factor of what gets accomplished at the center, Stephens said.

Stephens said the capital plan for the convention center includes replacement of HVAC units, replacement of sound systems in two ballrooms, the addition of another bus for the parking department, paving work on the south side of the building and more.


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