Dome May Be Back In Business In January


By Diane Turner-Hurns
Journal & Topics Reporter

Rosemont’s athletic dome is expected to rise again by Jan. 1.

“The new dome is being manufactured right now,” Director of Operations Frank Cargola told the Journal & Topics Monday. “Weather-permitting, we hope to have the Dome up by January 1.”

The three-year-old facility next to the Ballpark at Rosemont, just west of Pearl Street and north of Balmoral, was an indoor sports venue covering two baseball diamonds and supporting facilities. The air-suspended dome stretched 565 feet in length, 250 feet in width and 75 feet in height and was open year-round.

When a powerful storm hit the Rosemont area Sunday, August 2, the dome was ripped apart with lighting fixtures and pieces of the roof falling to the ground. No one was injured when the roof fell, as hundreds of children, parents, players and staff had just left the facility after a sports camp for kids.
St. Louis-based company Arizon built the dome. When Village officials toured the damage on August 3, they said a new roof could be rebuilt in about three months.

Moments before the structure collapsed, strong winds, hail and rain were reported in the area.

The Village has a 20-year warranty with Arizon for the dome. Rosemont paid $2.4 million for the structure and of that, $1.5 million went to stronger fabric, officials said.

According to officials, the warranty on the dome should cover rebuilding expenses. The village buys all-risk property insurance coverage, which includes business interruption and extra expenses. This coverage includes costs for lost future and current business.

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