Dozen Patrol Cars Will Be Outfitted With Cameras


Rosemont Journal
August 12, 2015

Twelve of Rosemont’s Public Safety patrol cars will be outfitted with new in-car video cameras and WI-FI antennas if village board members approve their purchase at today’s (Wednesday's) public meeting in village hall as expected.

Once installed, the new cameras will be activated and record activity outside the patrol cars  when the vehicles’ emergency lights are turned on.

According to Rosemont Public Safety Sgt. Lyle Richmond, the camera system will not not only protect citizens, such as drivers, when they are stopped by police, but also the public safety department. In addition, the units will be able to be integrated with Rosemont’s expanded security camera system that will allow officers stationed in police headquarters to view certain incidents such as last week’s destruction of the village-owned dome.

The new WI-FI antennas will allow what was recorded to be downloaded into servers at public safety headquarters.

CDS Office Technologies will provide the cameras, WI-FI antennas, software and related accessories at a cost of $111,541.18.

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