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Florida Stone Crab Season Returns At Truluck's


Served fresh from traps to table starting October 15th

Truluck’s—Ocean’s Finest Seafood & Crab—celebrates the return of Florida Stone Crab Season beginning October 15th. The Pearl District’s one-year-old seafood establishment works directly with a team of crabbers in the Florida Keys to provide guests with the freshest Florida Stone Crab claws available, direct from traps to table in hours. Every Monday night, Truluck’s offers unlimited Stone Crab claws for one modest price.

As part of its commitment to sustainable seafood, Truluck’s serves its signature dish only during season from October 15th through May 15th. Respecting the seasonal cycles of marine life is vital to helping the Stone Crab population regenerate. On top of that, the crabbers are a do-no-harm kind of folk. When the crabs are captured, only one claw is delicately removed and the crab is then released back into the ocean. That claw will grow back over the upcoming months, and crabbers are expressly forbidden from capturing any crab with only one claw.

In addition, Truluck’s offers live entertainment seven nights a week in their lounge, along with half-off all cocktails daily during Social Hour, and a decadent lunch every Friday, featuring fresh-catch seafood selections and more than 20 entrées, salads, and sandwiches priced under $25.

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