Garden Grows


When one opens the gate to the Rosemont community garden located at the Barry Street Recreation Center now you have to walk carefully through the throngs of vegetables including 10 foot high corn stalks and almost ready to be harvested peppers, onions, cucumbers, strawberries and tomatoes.

The garden, which opened March 3 and has 40 garden plots, is filled to the brim with vegetables.
Local gardener Fidel Acebedo said the secret to growing his crops is using goat waste as fertilizer.

“We have had a great season with all the rain,” Rosemont Park District Programs Director Omar Camarillo said. “This is one of my favorite programs as it brings together families – from grandkids to grandparents to work together.

“It also helps people deal  with rising food costs by being able to grow some of their own,” Camarillo said.

Each year Rosemont residents can reserve a garden plot at the recreation center. It is done by first come, first serve and this year the number of plots available was doubled to 40.

One gardener said. “I can’t believe all of the stuff I have learned this year about gardening such as how to correctly grow cucumbers. I am helping the center’s young teen group with their first garden plot and they are having a blast.”

“The center’s teen girls group for the first time has a garden plot. They have learned a lot and I believe are already harvesting some of the strawberries they grew,” Camarillo said.

Gardeners also have a trove of garden tools they can use stored in a large garden toolbox in the community garden area.

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