Health & Licensing

Health Department

The Health Department is responsible for inspections of the sanitary conditions of all food serving facilities. These inspections are conducted throughout the year to ensure all residents and guests they are protected against harmful food borne illnesses. The Village of Rosemont uses the Illinois Department of Public Health, Food Service Sanitation Code as its reference and enforcement guide book.

The Health Department assists the Public Safety Department with inspections of multi family dwellings for any safety and health concerns. While the Public Safety Department is conducting inspections of Multi-Family dwellings, the Health Department is checking for any evidence of any rodents or mold in the apartments.

Licensing Department
All businesses that operate in the Village of Rosemont are required to obtain a business license prior to operating. An application and the Business Handbook can be downloaded (see links on the right) or can be picked up at the Village Hall (see address on the right).

Building and Plan Review
Whether you are starting a new business or expanding or remodeling an existing business, you must obtain a building permit at the Building Department (see address on the right).

Building permit applications and building contractors licenses can be obtained at the Village Hall or can be downloaded (see links to the right). The Village of Rosemont uses B.O.C.A. building codes and N.F.P.A. Life Safety codes.

For questions about building permits and license fees, please call the building department at 847-823-1159 or 847-825-4404. Payment for the license application or building permit fee can be made either by mail or in person.

Information on the West Nile Virus is available on the Illinois Department of Public Health Website.

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