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Currently there are no Full Time positions


  Summer Employment
The Village of Rosemont seeks to hire young teen and adult students during the summer season who reside in the Village of Rosemont in order to aid them in their desire to continue with their schooling.  Summer positions are only available to those 15 years of age* or older and are either in high school or are attending college and have not yet graduated.  Summer employment will not be offered to anyone who has graduated from high school and is not attending college or who has graduated from college.  Summer work schedules normally consist of 5 day work weeks for the months of June, July and early August.  However, if the amount of applicants is larger than the available positions, the Village will reduce those hours offered per week to ensure that all applicants are able to work. 
Summer (seasonal) applications are available on line.  We will accept applications through May 20th, 2019.  Please do not call the Human Resource office.  You MUST download the applications or pick them up from Village Hall and submit electronically, via fax at (847) 993-8413, or return to Village Hall. You will be notified which department you are assigned to by May 24th, 2019.  Requests for specific department assignments will be considered, in the best interest of the Village.  There are no guaranteed assignments.  This year the summer employment season will run from May 28th, 2019 through August 9th, 2019.
*You will need to obtain an employment certificate from your high school if you are 15.



Click here to download an application.

Full-time Employees must be residents of Rosemont.

Thank you for your interest in pursuing a rewarding career with the Village of Rosemont. 
Please take a moment to carefully read all information listed below before proceeding with the application process.

Requirements for Seasonal and Part-time Employment

  1. You must be either 16 years old or have a work permit through your school (age 15)
  2. We follow all child labor laws
  3. There are no residency requirements for seasonal and part-time positions, however residents will be hired before non-residents.
  4. We accept applications year round for these positions

Requirements for Full-time positions

  1. You must be 18 years of age or older to work as a full-time employee.
  2. Pre-employment criminal backgrounds are conducted during the final stages of the interview process.
  3. You must be a resident of the village to be offered a full-time position, unless otherwise specified.
  4. We only accept applications for positions that are currently listed on our job openings page.

Reapplication Policy

We keep resumes and applications for 60 days.  If you have not been notified within those 60 days feel free to re-submit your documents.


We currently do not regularly offer any internship positions within the Village of Rosemont. From time to time internships are offered as needed.  Should that need arise those internships will be listed on the job openings page during the application period for that specific internship.

*The Village of Rosemont is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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