Bureau of Support Services

The Bureau of Support Services is responsible for providing a myriad of critical operations to support the mission of the Rosemont Public Safety Department.

Because of the large volume of traffic and large number of events at our venues   Rosemont has organized one of the largest auxiliary police forces in the nation. The training, equipping, and scheduling the 200 plus individuals who comprise the Rosemont Public Safety Auxiliary is a primary function this bureau.

In addition, the Support Services Bureau manages over 100 Security Specialists (off-duty police officers), who provide vital security services to our various venues and facilities. 

The vital link between the public we serve and the Public Safety Department is the 911 call taking and communications center whose operations are managed by this bureau.
Communications Center personnel receive calls for service; determine the type of initial response appropriate to address the emergency situation; and dispatch personnel and equipment to the scene. Our communications personnel are Emergency Medical Dispatcher trained and certified.  

Public Safety record keeping is another critical duty administered by the Bureau of Support Services. The civilian personnel assigned to this operation are responsible for processing, maintaining, and disseminating reports generated by our sworn personnel.   

Ensuring the operational readiness of all of the various vehicles and equipment used by our organization, as well as maintaining and managing the various facilities operated by the Public Safety Department are critical duties of the personnel assigned to this bureau.

To assure that visitors to Rosemont are afforded the safest and most fairly priced ground  transportation possible, the licensing and regulation of public passenger vehicles (taxicabs and limousines) is a vital responsibility of personnel assigned to this bureau.

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