Bureau of Fire Suppression

The Bureau of Fire Suppression is responsible for providing emergency medical (EMS) and fire related services to the community. Members assigned to this bureau are tasked with responding, with specialized equipment, to fire alarms, rescue operations, entrapments, hazardous materials incidents, fires, smoke and odor investigations, and medical calls. As public safety officers, members assigned to Fire Suppression are also equipped for and respond to law enforcement incidents when necessary.

Fire Suppression is staffed by 3 squads of personnel supplemented by 4 contract firefighter-paramedics assigned to two fire stations. The squads are comprised of members who have expertise in specialties such as hazmat, technical rescue, and water operations. Each squad is supervised by a ranking public safety supervisor.


An essential facet of any public safety organization is prevention. The Rosemont Public Safety Prevention Services Division delivers a variety of services and programs to the community Members assigned to this division are skilled in fire prevention, crime prevention, and public education.  

Personnel of this division conduct mandatory fire inspections of all public, commercial, and multi- unit housing structures. The staff also assists landlords, through our Crime Free Housing Program, with reducing the possibility that their properties will be used for criminal activity, which impacts the quality of life within neighborhoods. Members assigned to this division work tirelessly to develop relationships with our businesses, residents, and school children.  


• HazMat
• Technical Rescue
• Water Operations
• Arson Strike Force
• Pyrotechnics

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