Grant Amounts Up From Last Year


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For the 22nd year, Rosemont is providing grants to village homeowners to help keep their homes looking great.

The Owner Occupied Residential Property Grants -- rebates on property taxes -- are intended for home upkeep and property improvement, and are awarded to homeowners living in their residences who submit the proper documentation.

“It’s a beautification grant,” said Rosemont Finance Director Don Calmeyn. “[It’s] to help people keep their homes beautiful, and to help the neighborhood and...keep it looking nice.”

Rosemont officials calculate each homeowner’s grant amount based on their application materials.

Residents seeking a grant must submit their second installment tax bill showing receipt of the Homeowner’s Exemption and proof that taxes have been paid, a copy of state-issued identification showing their address and a recent utility bill.

Using a taxing district return this year of 5.419 percent, the village calculates grant amounts using the first $85,000 of equalized assessed value after exemptions. The tax district return takes into consideration payments to the village, Rosemont School Dist. 78, Rosemont Park District, Leyden Township and more.

After Rosemont staff calculates grant amounts, homes undergo an inspection before issuing payment checks for residents.

“If there’s a problem, if it isn’t up to code or properly cared for, they have to make those improvements before they get the grant,” said Calmeyn.

This year’s maximum grant is $4,606.15, up from $4,204.28 in 2016. The amount has grown steadily over the years. Just six years ago, the maximum grant amount residents received was $3,465.

Last year, Rosemont distributed 417 grants. Calmeyn said he anticipates just over 400 grants again this year.

While some other towns, such as Orland Park, previously ran similar programs, the grant remains fairly unique to Rosemont.

“Towns hear about it, they call me, they ask about it,” said Calmeyn. “It’s very unusual.”

He said the grant money comes from Rosemont’s general fund, accounted for as a regular part of the budget each fiscal year. Rosemont officials estimate the upcoming year’s grant total when putting together the annual budget. Rosemont’s home-owning residents can apply for a grant each year.

Applications will be accepted until Nov. 30.

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