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The design of a new Rosemont mural shows an explosion of color and action.

Work is underway on the community art project with a focus on sports. The mural will be painted on walls behind the Rosemont Public Works facility and next to new athletic fields at the Rosemont Recreation Center on Barry Street.

Despite inclement weather, the 12 artists hired by the Rosemont Park District to design and paint the mural were able to outline a large part of the mural late last week. They drew the design outlines beamed onto the walls from a projector, which is only visible beginning at dusk.

From Barry Street, one can see various mural features including a referee, athletes, roses, a soccer ball, basketball and baseball mitt. Weather had delayed the group’s mid-June start date.  They now plan to complete the mural by Aug. 22.

The new artwork is located across from last year’s colorful and storytelling mural painted on three outdoor walls. Both murals are part of the Rosemont “It’s Art Here” program aimed at encouraging and producing local artwork.

Currently, the left side of the wall is blank, but will be filled in this week. Once complete, painting will begin.

“This week, weather permitting, the group should be able to outline the rest of the mural design on the larger wall,” recreation center Director Omar Camarillo told the Journal & Topics Monday.

This week, as the sun goes down, residents living near the new Barry Street turf fields may again see small lights flashing on the long blank outdoor wall next to the fields as work continues.

“They have to wait until at least dusk before the projector can be used, then everyone begins drawing the outline of the mural design,” Camarillo said. “It usually takes about two days to draw the outline. Then each artist is assigned to work on a specific part of the mural and the painting begins.”

Students who worked on Rosemont’s first mural designed and painted last summer are back this year along with four new students to work on the new mural. Chicago artist Rahmaan Statik was hired by the village in 2014 to lead the projects. He also designed and painted the new Chicago Wolves mural on a building facing Lunt Avenue near Allstate Arena.

“Everyone is excited to get started as the mural they painted last year right across the street from the recreation center has been such a success,” Camarillo said.

The mural project is run through the Rosemont Park District, Camarillo and Statik. Rosemont Park District Board of Commissioner President Richard Drehobl and park district Director Karen Stephens first introduced the mural project in late 2013 as a way to encourage art in the village and to engage more youth in park projects.

Returning to work with Statik on the new mural are Rosemont residents Juana Garcia, 19, a college sophomore; Francisco Garcia, 24, a college junior; Maria Hernandez, 17, a Maine West High School senior; Luis Garcia, 24; Fabian Garcia, 22; Guillermo Echeverria, 23, a college senior; Andrea Garcia, 17, a Maine West senior; and Felipe Rodela Trujillo, 23, a college sophomore.

New artists working on the mural this year are Elizabeth Garcia, 20, a college sophomore; Jaime Garay, 16, a Maine West sophomore; Marco Rodela, 21, a college junior and Jamie Lopez, 17, a Maine West senior.

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