Holiday Decorating Contest Winners 2017


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The results are in from Rosemont’s annual Holiday Decorating Contest.

First place winners, Ron and Christina Muich of 6117 Scott St., will receive $300. Muich said they wanted their holiday decorations to be unique.

“We went for more of a theme. We didn’t want what everyone else had. We wanted to be more elegant and creative so we have decorations that are more relaxed and uniform,” said Ron Muich.

“We have a couple of mesh-type Christmas trees, two candy canes, a metal tree from Michigan with wrapped lights and Christmas bulbs, two reindeer with a sleigh, a giant reindeer and little stick trees on either side of the driveway.”

Muich said he was proud when a family took pictures of their children in front of the candy canes.

Second place winners, Steve and Brenda Kaiden of 6318 Scott St., will receive $200. Kaiden created a Christmas tree out of poles and decorated it with red, white and blue lights. Presents were placed around the tree.

“An animated Santa is giving gifts. Big ornaments line the sidewalk and there’s a little girl pig in a tutu with presents around her,” Kaiden explained. “There’s lights on the house, around bushes and a big wreath on the house.”

Third place winners, Greg and Josie Brosch of 10018 Rosemont Ave., will receive $100. Brosch said he changes his holiday decorations every year. He admitted that they are huge Halloween decorators."

“For Christmas decorations, we ran with Santa animations. In one scene, he’s checking his naughty and nice list. He also eats cookies, drinks milk, and vanishes. I’ve seen people taking pictures and videos of it. It went over just as big as our Halloween display,” said Brosch. “Lights are on the house and we have wreaths on every window. The whimsical trees in front are clean and simple. We started decorating in early November.”

Fourth place winner, John Propst of 9622 W. Higgins Rd. Unit 3B-S, will receive $50 for the condo and apartment category.

Judges select the best decorations and the village awards the prizes. Judges drive around town for two nights looking at every home, apartment and condo. They take many things into consideration before their final decisions, including the time it takes the homeowner, the uniqueness, windows decorated, and making sure the decorating isn't done professionally, said Lisa DiMatteo, administrative assistant of Rosemont Public Works.

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