Hydro Excavator Helps Nicor Dig Through Rosemont


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Soon after Nicor Gas identified a corroded gas line during a routine inspection on Ruby Street in Rosemont’s Scott Street subdivision, construction began last week to install a new one underground.

Last Saturday, Nicor workers were replacing the old gas line utilizing several pieces of equipment and told the Journal & Topics work was expected to be completed this week.

A Nicor worker at the site said the existing section of pipe being fixed was about 50 or 60 years old and needed to be replaced. The main part of the pipe, the worker said, was along the bridge.
The work was being done about a block from Rosemont Elementary School.

Workers said no residents were in danger while the pipe was being replaced. Workers also noted for additional safety, the company used a hydro excavator to identify existing utility lines before digging the new underground pipe line.

“This machine is great as it slurps up the ground and the area without digging into any existing lines or connections before the actual digging is done to build the underground pipeline,” Kirk Schlosser, the Badger Company hydro excavator operator told the Journal & Topics Saturday qw he was working the Ruby Street site. “It’s much safer to use when it comes to working underground.”

He said the hydro excavator uses pressurized water and an industrial strength vacuum to simultaneously excavate and evacuate soil. It safely breaks up the soil while the soil and water slurry is vacuumed into a debris tank.

In addition to the Nicor job, ComEd continued work on the other side of the subdivision along Kirschoff and Scott streets near Margaret J. Lange Park moving and installing new underground ComEd electrical lines. This work was started last month.

ComEd is in the process of repairing, replacing, reconstructing, supplementing and removing some poles, wires, cables, conduits, manholes, and transformers in an effort to upgrade its overhead and underground transmission and distribution of electricity, according to a recent Rosemont Park District ordinance authorizing and approving two grants of easement with ComEd signed in July.

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