Improvement Grants Make Way To Homeowners


Check your mailbox. So far, 396 Rosemont homeowners have received their 2016 Home Improvement Grant, ranging anywhere from $300 to a maximum of $4,204.28 from the village. For more than 20 years, village trustees have approved a sum of money during the annual budgeting process that goes toward the residential grant program.

“The program’s purpose is to provide a financial incentive to Rosemont homeowners to maintain their property and continue to make the village an attractive place to live and work,” Rosemont Finance Director Don Calmeyn said last Friday. “It is a great place to live.”

Village homeowners have from August through Nov. 30 to file an application for the grant. The application is online on the village website.

“We still have about 20 applications that we are processing now,” Calmeyn said. “So far we’ve given out $1,269,874.02 this year.”

Trustees approved a budget of $1,425,000 for this year’s program. Last year a total of 423 Rosemont homeowners received a home improvement grant.

In order to qualify for a grant, property owners are required to fill out a formal application form and provide the village a copy of their most recent property tax bill, plus a receipt that it’s been paid. In addition, the village will ask for state of Illinois identification such as a driver’s license and a copy of a recent utility bill.

Village officials calculate the amount of grant money that will be mailed to homeowners in the form of a check. The amount distributed to homeowners is calculated on the equalized assessed valuation of individual properties, excluding exemptions. Once the applications are processed, the village usually sends checks to homeowners within 30 days. 

Those receiving a grant in excess of $600 will also later receive a 1099 form from the village finance department to file with your federal taxes. 

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