Lunt Avenue Will Close To Through-Traffic


By: Diane Turner-Hurns
Journal & Topics Reporter

No timeline is set, but sometime in the next two months a gate will likely go down and motorists will no longer be able to take Lunt Avenue from Allstate Arena in Rosemont up to Lee Street to access Touhy Avenue, according to construction officials.

It is expected that Lunt, which runs from Mannheim Road past the Target store, Allstate Arena and several apartment buildings and small businesses will be closed to through-traffic at Chestnut Street after construction is completed.

Last spring, fields and empty lots in the area along Lunt were torn out and replaced with new parking areas for Allstate Arena along with new street lighting. Construction is almost complete.

Now, the Allstate Arena parking lot expands outward to the other side of Lunt and there is a new gate in place at Lunt and Chestnut.

“The gate will probably remain open until the village makes the decision to totally close off the new parking area,” Mark Wrzeszcz, senior project manager at Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd., told the Journal & Topics Tuesday.

He said construction on Lunt Avenue is almost complete. Roadway paving should be completed by the end of this week and the project could be done by the end of September.

“The new street lights are done on Lunt Avenue, Chestnut Street, Lyndon Avenue and Barry Street,” Wrzeszcz said. “All the construction on those roads should also be completed by the end of the month as well.”

Wrzeszcz said the Village has not decided yet when the gates will come down for good on Lunt at Chestnut to prevent traffic from passing through to Lee Street. However, he did say that those leaving the Allstate Arena parking lots after an event would have access to the Lee Street ramp.
In addition, work has begun on widening and sprucing up the arena’s Mannheim Road entrance. Wrzeszcz said the entryway will be going from two lanes to four and parking will be added along with a new marquee sign for the venue.

“This work is expected to be completed by mid-October. They are also adding a sizeable number of new parking spaces,” Wrzeszcz said. He said he does not believe Mannheim Road traffic will be affected during the construction.

As for the Mannheim Road and Higgins Road intersection construction in Rosemont, Wrzeszcz said IDOT is expected to complete construction by January 2016.

Additionally, the south side of Pearl Street off of Balmoral Avenue in Rosemont is being widened  and is expected to be completed by mid-December, he said. This is being constructed in preparation for a new complex to be built there in the near future. 

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