Mannheim Road Reconstruction Project


Journal & Topics Editor

Light is beginning to appear at the end of the tunnel on the $60 million Mannheim Road reconstruction project.

Construction crews are now working on laying concrete in the middle lane section near Higgins Road with a late November completion date anticipated. The original completion date was about a year ago.

For the last two years, Mannheim traffic north of Irving Park Road to Higgins has been snarled due to the state road project. Work calls for rebuilding and widening Mannheim to three lanes in each direction.

Meanwhile, work continues to move forward on the Balmoral Avenue extension project. Plans call for the number of cars that use Interstate 190 to enter and exit O’Hare Airport to be reduced by providing a second alternative on Balmoral. Traffic heading to O’Hare as well as the village of Rosemont will be accommodated with this project that has an Oct. 31 completion date. Balmoral east of Mannheim goes by the fashion outlet mall, Rosemont’s entertainment district, the Rosemont Theater and the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.

The project will also result in extending Balmoral west to O’Hare where it will connect to Bessie Coleman Drive near the International terminal.

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