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Mayor Calls Statue In Works Of Late Father "Phenomenal"


By: Todd Wessell
Journal & Topics Editor

Rosemont Mayor Brad Stephens last week called the work done so far on the “larger than life” statue of his late father and first Mayor of Rosemont, Donald Stephens, “phenomenal.”

The Mayor recently visited the North Shore studio of Timeless Creations to view the progress of the statue. At the time of his visit, it it was in clay form.

“When I walked in and saw it it was like I was expecting to get my butt chewed out,” joked Stephens referring to his late father.

Work on developing the park-like setting where the statue will be located in front of village hall on Devon Avenue is moving forward. A plaza is being created where the eight-foot tall statue will rest on a base. It will feature a waterfall and a brick wall behind the statue where the late mayor’s name and an inscription will be included. Brad Stephens said the statue will present a feeling of movement  something its creators are known for having made the famed Michael Jordan statue at the United Center. That statue depicts Jordan flying through the air making a slam dunk, which is something he did in real life. The company also created statues of famous Detroit Tiger baseball players depicting movement. They are located in a place of prominence at Comerica Park in Detroit.

According to Mayor Stephens, the estimated cost to create the statue is approximately $300,000. It is being funded by private donations. Total cost to develop the park is about $1.2 million. Stephens added that private donations will continue to be solicited to help pay for ongoing maintenance of the park.

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