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Rosemont Public Safety Department Turns To Social Media For Safety Reminders


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Picking up on a national trend, the Rosemont Public Safety Department has implemented a nightly routine of blasting out social media reminders to residents to lock up their cars and homes.

Each post occurs by 9 p.m., with Rosemont Public Safety officials recommending residents remove any valuables from their cars, lock their vehicles, lock their front doors and turn on any outdoor lights to help deter criminal activity.

“A simple reminder for people is sometimes all it takes to make sure everything is locked up at night and basic safety measures are in place,” said Rosemont Public Safety Detective Joe Balogh.

Social media initially allowed the trend to catch on. Using the hashtag #9pmroutine, police departments across the country are posting humorous reminders to their residents most evenings.

While Rosemont Public Safety has been promoting the 9 p.m. routine for months, their social media reminders on Twitter have picked up steam in the past month. Almost nightly, officers post reminders will silly GIFs from popular movies and television shows, or short videos such as a minion applauding or Buddy the Elf congratulating followers on their efforts. As the holiday season approached, images from “Elf” and “Home Alone” became favorites of the Public Safety Department in their routine messaging.

The idea for the 9 p.m. routine social media push began with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office in Pasco, FL, in 2016. In 2017, the office noticed the trend catching on nationally and an uptick in use of the hashtag #9pmroutine from Florida, to Illinois, to Idaho, with plenty of places in between.

Balogh said Rosemont Public Safety saw the tweets going around and thought it would be a great tool to use in the village. Rosemont’s 9 p.m. routine posts often earn likes and retweets on Twitter.
In addition to social media, the Rosemont Public Safety Department has distributed fliers to residents throughout the village, reminding them to “Lock it, Hide it, Keep it.”

“This 9 p.m. routine is just another way we can remind people each night to lock their valuables,” Balogh said. “This alone will not eliminate all crime, but it very may deter a theft from occurring.”

To follow along and see frequent reminders to lock up, follow the Rosemont Public Safety Department on Twitter at

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