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You, Too, Can Sing National Anthem At Bandits Game


Local singers who have dreamed of singing the national anthem before a professional sports event have a chance to do so in Rosemont.

Performers can apply to sing the national anthem before a Rosemont-based Chicago Bandits game this season at the Ballpark in Rosemont on Jennie Finch Way. The regular season runs from May 29th through August 14th for the championship fastpitch women’s team.

Those interested in performing must fill out an application on the Bandits website. Candidates are asked to send the completed form along with a non-returnable CD, video or DVD sample to the Bandits at 27 Jennie Finch Way, Rosemont. Team officials will determine who will sing and when.
There is no age restriction.

“Last year we had a 9-year-old sing the national anthem and they did a great job,” Bandits Ticket Sales Director Johnny Sole told the Journal & Topics. “We have been doing this every year since we began and have had a great response.”

Sole said singers come from all over the Chicago area and some from Rosemont.

“People can sing as a choir, a duet or alone,” Sole said. “As a matter of fact, Rosemont’s Our Lady of Hope church choir will sing the anthem before our June 17 game here.”

An estimated 25 performers will be selected and receive one free ticket for the game. The singing is done from home plate.

“Sometimes people sing in groups, so all told last year we had about 40 people sing before the games,” Sole said. “People can apply until we fill up the game slots. Once the games are filled, we put those extra applicants on a waiting list. Some of those people do end up singing.”

For those more athletically inclined, the Bandits open tryouts are set for 9 a.m. Sunday, May 29th. 

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