Mural Initiative Breathes New Life Into Parking Garage


Take a closer look and you will likely notice a Rosemont connection in each of the 43 new paintings adorning the walls of the multi-level Williams Street parking garage. The art project, completed this month by local students, is part of the ongoing Rosemont Mural Initiative started by Mayor Bradley Stephens.

The murals depict some of the world’s greatest works of art integrated with recognizable local landmarks such as Rosemont’s rose-themed water tower, parks and more.

Since last summer through November, the students worked with Chicago-based artist Rahmaan Statik developing and painting the murals. In recent years, the village-sponsored summer work program also resulted in the three-wall mural on Barry Street across from the recreation center, the athletic-themed mural surrounding the new multi-purpose soccer field at the Barry Recreation Center and the Chicago Wolves mural across from Allstate Arena.

“Public art, even in unexpected places like a parking garage, makes those spaces more inviting and pleasant,” Mayor Stephens said recently. “Youth work programs, including those that focus on the arts, are valuable tools in helping young people develop skills for the future. Rahmaan’s work with these young painters accomplishes both goals -- making the village a more beautiful place to live and visit, and providing training and mentorship to very talented aspiring artists.”

Statik said he enjoys working with students as they learn about art applications on different media such as walls, both in and outside, and working with colors.

The new garage art pays tribute to great artists including Sandro Botticelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, George Seurat, Vincent Van Gogh, Roy Lichtenstein, M.C. Esher, Andy Warhol and Chicago-based artist Hebru Brantley. 

“The students came up with designs that challenged their skills as artists while also linking Rosemont with some of history’s greatest works of art,” Statik said. “We are happy to have transformed previously unremarkable spaces within a parking structure into a fun, vibrant and beautiful showcase of art.”

Students who participated in the program and the schools they attend are: 
Adeline Bieniarz, East Leyden High School; Veronica Caracomo, American Academy of Art; Steven Chen, American Academy of Art; Kaylee Coyle, University of Dayton; Jasmine Cienfuegos, Columbia College; Tracy Danet, American Academy of Art; Andrea Dunn, Columbia; Kamila Eva, Columbia; Elizabeth Garcia, East Leyden; Luis Garcia, East Leyden; Haley Grison, American Academy of Art; Peyton Johnson, Columbia; Jesus Martinez, American Academy of Art; John McCormick, Columbia; Andrea Ocampo, American Academy of Art; Lauren Schuster, East Leyden; Katie Wagner, Columbia; Michael Winfield, Columbia; and Angelica Urbina, East Leyden.
Each student signed his or her work of art in the garage, Statik added.

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