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New Artwork by Chicago Artists on Display at Fashion Outlets


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Rosemont’s Fashion Outlets of Chicago provide residents with more than just a place to shop -- it also offers a cultural experience through various artwork displays from acclaimed artists.

On Nov. 2, Fashion Outlets unveiled two commissioned pieces by Chicago artists Sung Jang and Matthew Hoffman, the newest works joining the shopping center’s permanent collection of 14 commissions. Also new to the outlets is a rotating exhibition by Sarah and Joseph Belknap, who have recently displayed at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art, showing Oct. 27 to Jan. 22.

“We try to do our best to work with both established artists and also up and coming artists,” said Katie Walsh, Fashion Outlets of Chicago senior marketing manager. “We really want to work with a wide range.”

The new works are part of Fashion Outlet of Chicago’s official art program, which was rebranded in 2016 under the name “The Collection: Where Art Meets Fashion.”

The collection aims to bring art and fashion together and consists of both site-specific commissions and rotating exhibits.

Jang’s work uses interlocking pieces of plastic to craft three whales hanging from the skylights of the shopping center. Hoffman’s sculpture on the second floor displays the words “You Are Beautiful” in both English and Mandarin. This piece is part of Hoffman’s larger “You Are Beautiful” campaign aimed at artistically bettering the world.

“It’s really about empowering individuals,” Walsh said. “We really want our customers to engage with it.”

The rotating exhibition consists of three display cases located through level two of the mall. Sarah and Joseph Belknap’s work “Spooky Actions” is the latest exhibit to be featured. While the rotating collection normally features a piece from a different artists, the Belknaps’ work takes up all three and explores natural and cosmic mystery and wonder. The pieces express life and movement as they protrude from their displays.

“Sarah and Joseph Belknap’s multifaceted practice continues to impress the Chicago art scene with work that traverses between sculpture, video, installation and drawing,” said Sharmyn Cruz Rivera, exhibit curator. “The exhibition highlights the Belknaps’ ability to create visually and conceptually powerful work.”

Walsh said she wants the outlets to be more than just a place to shop.

“We really wanted to find a way to offer a cultural experience to our shoppers,” she said. “We look forward to enhancing this program for the years to come.”

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