New Deal For Haunted House


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Rosemont Village Board members today (Wednesday) are expected to approve an agreement with a company that will run the village’s annual haunted house operation while attracting more people to local entertainment venues.

The proposal calls for Rosemont to enter into a two-year contract with Disturbing Productions, LLC to operate the village’s haunted house that for the last two years has been located on the lower level of the Williams Street parking garage next to MB Financial Park at Rosemont.

According to Mayor Brad Stephens, the agreement will allow the village to garner an increase in revenue generated by the haunted house while at the same time lead to more aggressive marketing to bring more people to the entertainment district.

“There will be a much lesser capital contribution on our part,” said Stephens on Monday. He said part of the proposed agreement will allow the haunted house to not only be open in the weeks leading up to Halloween, but also to operate during other periods when certain shows or conventions are in town.

Rosemont first opened the haunted house nearly four years ago when it was located in a tent just north of where the Hofbrauhaus beer hall now operates.

Stephens said Disturbing Productions has operated a successful haunted house in west suburban Addison in the past.

In the previous three years, the haunted house “didn’t appear to be a great draw for the restaurants” in the entertainment district, said Stephens. He added that it’s believed that Disturbing Productions will help improve that situation.

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