Ordinance Change Allows Restaurant To Serve Alcohol After Hours


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In the upcoming year, Rosemont restaurant Cibo Racconto can hold after hours, private events including alcohol, thanks to a tweak in liquor license ordinances made by the Rosemont Village Board last month.

The Rosemont Village Board passed an ordinance in November adding a new licensing category to the set of rules and licenses governing alcoholic beverages. The new category, known as N(1), specifically applies to Cibo Racconto and the events at which the restaurant requested to serve alcohol.

“They wanted to do six events by invite only,” said Rosemont Department of Health and Licensing Director Kristin Root.

The restaurant is permitted to serve alcoholic beverages during its normal operating hours of 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. However, Cibo Racconto wants to hold a series of private wine tastings after their business hours, during which the restaurant would like to serve alcohol.

Under the ordinance, alcohol consumption will be allowed on the restaurant grounds alongside food service from 5 to 10 p.m. on no more than six calendar days out of the year. Only two of these days can fall during any given month.

“They haven’t even planned any of these events,” said Root. “[But] we have to pass something for them to serve alcohol after hours.”

The ordinance puts others parameters in place for the restaurant, as well. Before one of these events takes place, Cibo Racconto must alert the liquor commissioner, Mayor Brad Stephens, at least five business days prior.

These events will be closed to the public and admissible by invitation only.

The ordinance also allows for the sale of alcohol in unopened bottles in cases, as well as the ability to fulfill online orders. So, if guests enjoy a wine they taste during one these events, they can order a case of the wine to their home through Cibo Racconto during the tasting.

Root described the ordinance as routine, since any time a Rosemont business requests to sell alcohol during a time or in a manner not specifically set forth in the existing rules, an ordinance must be passed allowing the business to move forward with their plans.

While reviewing the alcoholic beverages ordinances, the village board also voted to increase the restaurant liquor license number to 23 to account for new restaurants coming into the village in the future.

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