Out With The Old In With The New Salt Site


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It took a couple of days, several workers, good weather and many pieces of machinery to safely raze the old, slightly damaged Rosemont Public Works salt barn last week.

In its place soon will be a new, larger dome where crews can scoop road salt used on village streets and sidewalks.

The old four-story structure was located behind public works headquarters at 7048 Barry St. and next to the Rosemont Park District Recreation Center's outdoor athletic field.

Friday (Apr. 2), motorists and local residents could see a Rosemont fire engine with its ladder extended, working with crews to enhance safety as the building was razed. There were no problems reported as the building was taken down.

The old building was damaged this past winter when the larger than normal winter salt supply was stored on site. The back wall of the facility collapsed when crews attempted to store salt for the 2014-2015 winter season inside.

Because the 2013-14 winter -- one of the worst in history in terms of snowfall and cold temperatures in the Midwest -- caused many cities and towns to run out of road salt, supply became difficult to find and procure this winter. Many towns were unable to purchase salt in time and on budget.

However, when salt was purchased from vendors, towns collected and stored supplies immediately. And, with the history of the prior winter, most public works departments purchased more road salt than the year before to be prepared should the area experience another hazardous winter.

Rosemont officials were able to purchase their extra needed amounts, however, the additional supply took a toll on the storage facility leading to the need to replace it with a new, larger salt dome.
According to village engineering consultant Mark Wrzeszcz, the new 61-foot diameter dome will be able to house 1,600 tons of salt compared to the 500 tons of salt the old building could store. Cost for the new salt dome is estimated at $324,780.

In addition, a new concrete wall will be built connecting the public works headquarters with the new salt dome. A new Rosemont community mural will be painted on the wall by the park district's art crew led by Chicago artist Rahmaan Statik this summer.

Not only will the Barry Street area have a new salt dome and mural, but Rosemont School soccer kicks off next week on new outdoor athletic fields at the recreation center.

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