Purdue Names Grad School For Burkes

burke Photo: Susan and Christopher Burke

Anne Lunde

Purdue University announced that it is renaming the graduate program at its Lyles School of Civil Engineering for Christopher B. Burke and Susan S. Burke.

Burke, president of Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd., was asked to come to Rosemont in 1987 after heavy summer flooding along the Des Plaines River and Willow Creek caused considerable damage in Rosemont’s residential area.

Burke’s success in remedying Rosemont’s flooding problems led to work in many other local municipalities over the past 30 years.

The Burkes recently gave a gift to Purdue’s “Ever True” campaign, geared toward advancing the university as a national and global leader.

They have been major supporters of the Lyles School programs, including the Christopher and Susan Burke Hydraulics and Hydrology Research and Teaching Laboratory, the Christopher and Susan Burke Undergraduate Hydraulics Laboratory, and funding for the Center for UAV Applications for Physical and Environmental Infrastructure.

The Christopher B, and Susan S. Burke Graduate Program is one of the first civil engineering graduate schools to be named for individuals.

“The university is headed in a fantastic direction and we really want to do our part to keep that great tradition of excellence,” Christopher Burke said. “We believe this donation will help carry that tradition on.”

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