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Roof Work Keeps Outdoor Diners In Mind


Rosemont will finance the adding of new roofs to one of the restaurants in its entertainment district that will allow the two patio areas to accommodate patrons during winter months.

Village board members last week authorized spending $130,000 to pay for the changes at Park Tavern. One of the roofs will be built over restaurant’s second floor outdoor Skybar patio while the second will cover diners on the first floor patio in front of the eatery.

Mayor Brad Stephens explained that the new roofs will allow patrons who visit Park Tavern to watch hockey games and other outdoor events on the ice skating rink immediately to the north. Portable heaters will be put in place to keep people in those areas warm.

Starting February 1st, the Village is charging Park Tavern an additional $1,600 per month in rent.

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