Rosemont Approves Body Cameras For Public Safety Officers


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The approximately 80 village of Rosemont sworn public safety officers, who handle both police and fire protection duties, will soon be equipped with body and vehicular fleet cameras to help them in their law enforcement duties.

Village board members Wednesday approved a five-year agreement with Axon Enterprises, Inc. to purchase, equipment, install and maintain the cameras that officers can wear on their uniforms.

Rosemont will pay Axon $841,878 for the service and equipment.

According to Mayor Brad Stephens, village officials have been studying the prospects of acquiring body and car cameras for their officers, who will be trained to use the highly-sophisticated devices.

The cameras are activated when certain functions take place such as when a vehicle is turned on or when a weapon is pulled. It also activates the cameras of close by fellow officers.

The agreement calls for the village to receive 100 of the body cameras and 24 car cameras in the first year of the five-year deal. In the third year, 50 more cameras will be supplied to Rosemont and in the fifth year, all 150 cameras Rosemont has in its possession will be replaced by Axon as well as the 24 vehicle cameras.

Stephens explained that one of the reasons the decision was made to move forward with this purchase is because of last year’s encounter with protesters who descended on the village after a young woman died after accidentally walking into a hotel freezer. He said accusations were made at that time that Rosemont police treated some of the protesters badly. Stephens said that was not the case and with body cameras in place, there would be proof to show that local officers acted appropriately.

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