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Rosemont residents are living differently than their neighbors in nearby communities and across Cook County, according to data released in June by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP).

Based on 2015 census data, CMAP took a closer look at how residents live, work and commute, while also examining demographics, property values, land use, retail sales and employment for the 284 Chicago-area municipalities.

According to the data, as of 2015 Rosemont’s population reached 4,305 people living in 1,676 households.

Rosemont’s housing model stood out among its neighbors and throughout Cook County for the prevalence of rental properties in the village. Of 1,676 households, just 31.9% are lived in by the owner, as 68.1% of occupied residences are rentals.

In Schiller Park, 66.4% of households are owner-occupied, with 33.6 renter-occupied. In Des Plaines, 78.2% of households are lived in by their owners, with rentals coming in at just 21.8%. Across Cook County, owner-occupied homes make up 57% of occupied residences, with 43% lived in by renters.

Also unique to Rosemont is the type of housing residents live in. Single-family, detached homes make up just 21.1% of occupied housing, compared to 40.4% in Cook County, 43.2% in Schiller Park and 61.5% in Des Plaines.

The majority, or 73.2%, of Rosemont’s occupied households consists of buildings with five or more units. That’s in comparison to 33% for Cook County, 38.9% for Schiller Park and 28.1% for Des Plaines.

Of Rosemont’s occupied residences, just over half are two-bedroom dwellings, with less than a quarter of homes holding three bedrooms or more. In Schiller Park, two bedroom homes make up 28.1% of the lived-in homes, with 45% containing at least three bedrooms. Des Plaines has a similar two-bedroom percentage as Schiller Park, and 58.2% of its occupied homes have more bedrooms. Two bedrooms make up 31.8 of occupied residences county-wide, with 47.9% of households containing three bedrooms or more.

While Rosemont’s housing differs from that of nearby municipalities, residents spend less on housing than their neighbors. On average, Rosemont households earning a median income spend 25% of their earnings on housing. In Schiller Park, that number is 28.3%, while Des Plaines residents came in at 30.9%.

The 2015 median income per household was $48,110: $7,141 less than the Cook County median, although similar to Schiller Park’s $49,111.

Unsurprising given the data, Rosemont residential property’s equalized assessed value comprises just under $47 million of more than $408 million total value for all Rosemont property. Commercial and industrial property in the village accounts for nearly $361 in equalized assessed value.

Housing takes up about 100 acres of Rosemont’s 1,146.7 acres of space, while commercial and industrial land rings in at 367.4 acres -- over three times that of residential.

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