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The Rosemont Park Board’s Tuesday, May 9 meeting focused on handling the preliminary paperwork for the upcoming budget year.

There was paperwork for issuing $750,000 in new bonds, approved at the April meeting. These will be used for building repairs, landscaping and other projects, although specific projects have not all been identified.

By June the district also needs to pass a tentative appropriation budget for the new fiscal year (May 1 through April 30, 2018).

Attorney Bill Payne said the tentative budget calls for $3.269 million in possible spending. The estimates of revenues and spending are determined based on the just completed fiscal year.

Appropriations are used to provide an upper limit for spending in different areas of the budget, but the district is not required to spend as much as it allocates. At this point, park commissioners can still suggest revisions.

A public hearing will begin the June 13 board meeting, at 8:45 a.m. at Lange Park. The final appropriations are expected to be filed in early July.

In other official business, Rick Drehobl and Patrick Nagle were recognized as the winners of the April 4 election for six-year terms.

In upcoming projects, park Director Karen Stephens reported there is a problem along the fence near the parking lot on the south corner of Lange Park.

After trying to find the right way to fix the fence, which has started to tilt, it was suggested that they look into installing a brick wall to replace the wood fence.

She had a bid from Stone Mark for $14,149, which was approved.

The board approved a $4,439 price for purchasing folding chairs and tables for the second floor meeting space at Dunne Park. This is based on eight tables and 80 folding chairs, but Stephens said they may only be able to fit six tables in when work in the room is finished.

President Rick Drehobl said it was important to obtain lighter, hard plastic furniture that would not tear the carpeting.

Efforts to repair an outside water fountain at the Scott and Granville corner of Lange Park have not been successful after several months. Drehobl said if the plumbers can’t get it to work soon, they should consider replacing the fountain.

Stephens alerted the board that the district’s current copier is 10 years old and at the tail end of its servicing life.

She had found one option where the district would end up owning a machine after six years. Commissioners will check other options, and said that if they find an option, Stephens was asked to call members with information.

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