Rosemont Public Safety Department Changes Regarding COVID-19


In accordance with the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control, Illinois Department of Public Health, Cook County Department of Public Health, Rosemont Health Department and the Rosemont Public Safety Department Policies and Procedures, the following decisions have been made to provide the highest level of police, fire and ems service to our community. Keeping in mind the health, safety and wellness of all of our public safety employees and the community we swore an oath to serve and protect.

  •  All Public Safety Employees are following best practices and the guidelines and recommendations set by the IDPH, CDC, Cook County Department of Public Health, Rosemont Department of Public Health and our EMS Project Medical Director. 
  • All Public Safety Employees are instructed to wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, Utilize hand sanitizer with greater than 60% alcohol content. 
  • All Public Safety Employees will be screened when they report for duty. All Employees will have their temperature taken at the beginning of each tour, along with the end of each tour of duty. We want to ensure each employee is safe & healthy. Furthermore, we are taking every precaution to safeguard all employees and the public. 
  • Rosemont Public Safety Officers are equipped with personal protective equipment. Every public safety vehicle, all fire apparatus and all of our ambulances are stocked with Infectious Control Kits (PPE). Included in the kits-Eye Protection, N95 Mask, Disposable Surgical Mask, Disposable Gloves, Disposable Gown, Biohazard Bags, Decontamination Kits, Hand Sanitizer, Sanitize Wipes, along with other protective equipment.   
  • Public Safety Officers are screening individuals placed into custody for committing a suspected crime for indications of illness. If a person indicates they are ill, they will not be processed at RPSD Headquarters, they will be transported to an area hospital. 
  • Watch Commanders and Supervisors are instructed to be extremely proactive in ensuring routine cleaning and disinfecting of all public safety facilities and vehicles. In the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case at any public safety facility, watch commanders shall initiate infectious disease cleaning protocol. 
  • The RPSD is asking that all non-emergency incidents are reported on-line, in person at the Rosemont Police Station-South Entrance or the 911 Dispatcher will have an officer call you back to complete your incident report on-line.   
  • Administrative Hearings, including Red Speed violation hearings will be tentatively postponed until May 7, 2020.  
  • We have canceled all public safety meetings-Community Business Meetings, Neighborhood Meetings, Association & Club Meetings and other speaking engagements until further notice. 
  • 911 Dispatchers are required to ask additional questions to include asking if the caller has a fever, trouble breathing or a cough. These questions are being asked for several reasons. The RPSD wants to have the most accurate information, so we can provide the best patient care, also keeping our first responders aware and safe of the conditions they are being asked to enter. 
  •  The RPSD will continue to respond swiftly to all in-progress call, emergency call or any other situation that requires an immediate police, fire or ems response. 
  • Administrative Offices are staffed with limited personnel & all in-person visits are prohibited without appointment. All public safety matters should be addressed on the south public safety entrance/lobby.  
  • All Rosemont Park District locations are closed, including the playground/recreation areas. One of the reasons for the shutdown is to practice social distancing. The second reason, COVID-19 Virus does remains on surface. Example-3-4 days on plastic and steel, 1 day on cardboard, 3 hours on copper. These are just a couple reasons why the recreation areas are closed. RPSD will be working with park district officials to maintain the closure in order to keep every child and citizen safe. 

    We are in communication daily with state, federal and local leaders to remain current with all relative information. We will continue to take every precaution to ensure the health and wellness of each public safety employee during this pandemic. These changes and protocols will most likely change daily as new developments are constant.
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