Rosemont Service Awards

Ed Muszynski, Shelly Anderson, Grant Bailey, Julie Cullerton, Julie Fritz & Cathleen Pope, board members Dave Houston & Chirs Stephens

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Rosemont School held a dinner for faculty and Benefit Club members as a prelude to its Monday, April 10 school board meeting.

Three staff members, celebrating special anniversaries with the district, received special recognition. Board member Shelly Anderson made the introductions.

Kindergarten teacher Cathleen Pope was honored for 35 years in the district. She had previously been on the staff at Our Lady of Hope School, but when it closed, she was hired to run a kindergarten program at Rosemont School.

At first she taught preschool for half a day and kindergarten for half a day, but later became a full-time kindergarten teacher.

“It’s my honor to be here, and thank you for letting me stay,” Pope smiled. “My Aunt Mary said, ‘If you stay there long enough, maybe they’ll let you teach a higher grade.’”

She had not expected to have the pleasure of seeing some of her kindergarten graduates grow up and join the Rosemont School faculty with her, she added.

Shelly Anderson said, “She’s made kindergarten her life… I know first hand how special she makes every kindergarten (student) feel.”

Pope’s students get their first stage experience with “’Twas the Night Before Christmas,” but she also helps to stage the annual school play.

“School House Rock Jr.” is this year’s Drama Club production, to be presented at 2 and 7 p.m. April 20 at the school.

Julie Fritz is marking 30 years at the school. She started teaching fourth and sixth grades, but took over the health and physical education curriculum. As athletic director, she also coaches girls softball and boys basketball.

Shelly Anderson said that she also had seen Fritz in action as one of the chaperones of the sixth grade’s trip to Springfield over spring break.

Superintendent/Principal Kevin Anderson said it was a measure of the success of that trip and its leadership that even the gift shop in Springfield was excited to see Rosemont’s group return each year.

Julie Cullerton is marking 10 years with the school. She started in the front office. Cullerton is now the district’s business manager, secretary to Kevin Anderson, and does support services for the board of education.

All three honorees are members of the Sunshine Club.

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