Rosemont Text-A-Tip Lets Tipsters Remain Anonymous


With the Text-A-Tip hotline, those who believe they may have information about crimes can now contact the Rosemont Public Safety Dept. anonymously.

To report a tip, individuals can send a message from their mobile phones to 888777. According to Rosemont Public Safety Det. Joe Balogh, messages sent to this number are sent anonymously to the police through a software system. No phone numbers or addresses are provided to the authorities. Those who use the Text-A-Tip program must include “TIP RSPD” in every message they send to the system. 

He said the service should be used for crimes that are not in-progress or do not pose an immediate safety threat, such as witnessing someone tag property with graffiti.

“Something that needs emergency personnel response immediately” should be a 9-1-1 call, Balogh added. When in doubt, if the incident is a true emergency, call the department for the fastest response, he said.

Rosemont Public Safety implemented the Text-A-Tip service to provide a way for more people to provide information to the department.

“Sometimes, people are afraid to contact the police,” he said. “This is just another way we can reach out to people.”

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