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Substitute teachers are in high demand at Rosemont Elementary School.

“We are always looking for substitute teachers,” Rosemont District 78 Supt. Kevin Anderson told the Journal & Topics Monday, a day before the start of the new school year. “We usually have a strong pool of certified substitutes to help us out should someone be ill or on vacation, but our pool has dwindled.”

When asked how many he had in the substitute pool today, Anderson replied, “Two. And one of them is already subbing for another teacher out on pregnancy leave. We could use more definitely.”
Anderson said in the last two years there has been a lack of substitute teachers available. “We used to have a strong pool,” he said. “But that’s not the case today. It’s not only a problem here, but everywhere in Illinois.”

He said when they have problems securing a substitute, other staff steps in. “They’ve really been great,” he said. “But that takes away from their preparation time and work.”

The pay ranges from $95 to $100 per hour for a substitute teacher at Rosemont. It depends on how many days one substitutes for, and can go up to $150 an hour.

Substitutes must have a valid Illinois teacher certificate, Anderson said. There are resources that can help one, such as the West 40 company, get a certificate, he said.

The materials needed to apply are found on the Rosemont School website. Once the school reviews an applicant's materials, such as resume and transcripts, they will be asked to be fingerprinted at Rosemont Village Hall.

“It’s an easy process and if anyone has any questions they can just call us at the school,” Anderson said. The school’s main number is 847-825-0144.

There are about 22 teachers at Rosemont and eight education support staff. Nearly 275 students are enrolled at the school on Ruby Street.

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